India need Mechatronics to Roll-Up the EV Dream

The Union Budget-2020 pronounced a hike in the import duty on all Electric Vehicles from 25% to 40% WEF April 1, 2020. This decision was made to fuel the “Make in India” initiative, which favors the domestic manufacturers. Now, to boost EV manufacturing, a skilled workforce with cross-sectional knowledge in electrical, electronics, computer science, and mechanical engineering is needed. Mechatronics is one such stream that connects all these domains and offers the right tools to lay the foundation of a robust EV infrastructure.


Mechatronics: Driving the EV Vision

Connectivity is central to EV, and mechatronics is the field that is assumed to provide this connectivity. This engineering domain focuses on designing both electrical and mechanical systems that are built upon the concepts of robotics, computer, telecommunication, system control, product engineering. However, currently, this subject is not on the Indian engineering curriculum. So, the need of the hour is to promote this tech course in India to ensure that the Indian EV manufacturers have a skilled workforce to accomplish the EV dream for the country.

Opportunities in the EV Industry

The Indian automotive market is all set to embark on EVs, opening several new job opportunities for EV aspirants. Some of these are listed below:

1. R&D in the field of battery management, security, and charging infrastructure

2. EV Design and Development

3. Power Electronics Engineers who can work on high voltage systems

4. People skilled in embedded software

Listed above are some of the many job opportunities that are created by the EV Technology. However, the skill gap is restricting people from taking advantage of this growing sector. Nevertheless, with proper skill training in mechatronics, the Indian Youth will be all set to foray in this booming industry.

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