Electric Vehicle Technology

Will the Electric Vehicle industry offer more jobs by 2020??

The automobile market has witnessed a significant transformation due to the technical advancement in the last decade. Keeping that in mind, the Indian government

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Prius An Electric Hybrid Marvel

Several surveys have identified that emissions from cars and other vehicles are the major contributor to global warming in the world. Taking the lead to overcome this

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When Will India Achieve 100% Electrification of Mobility?

Currently about 25 crore vehicles are plying on the roads of India. These vehicles include two wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Over 99% of the vehicles are run by fossil fuels.

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Skill Will Still Be The Key; Training Will Continue To Be The Answer

In the past 10 months, about 1 lakh people lost their jobs in the automobile industry in India. The reason is that automobiles are not selling well. Only 18 lakh vehicles were sold in the whole of India in August, 2019.

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