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New Skill Needs and Employment Opportunities in Electric Vehicles Industry

In line with the growing adoption of electric vehicles, India is expected to have 30% of the vehicles on its roads to be electric or hybrid electric vehicles by 2030. Currently India has about 23 crore vehicles. One third of the vehicles by 2030 could amount to about 10 crore vehicles.

The increasing vehicle population means a huge ecosystem of Original Equipment Manufacturers and component companies. Electric mobility can thus create millions of local, green, and highly skilled jobs.

According to the estimate of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry alone will create one crore jobs by 2030. For every direct job, there will likely be five indirect jobs in the society - this takes the number of total employment by the EV industry to about 5 crores.

Job Fields & Roles

Electric Vehicles as a product and EV as an industry needs new knowledge and new skills. They represent a paradigm shift in job structure. Some of the new job requirements in the industry can be brought down under the following categories:

Scientific Research

  • Need: To improve the performance of Electric Vehicles especially by improving battery, recharging technology, and materials.
  • Knowledge / Skill Focus: Chemistry, and Material Sciences
  • People on demand:
    • Chemical engineers
    • Materials engineers

Design and Development

  • Need: To design, test, and integrate components such as engines, batteries, generators, and electric motors
  • Knowledge / Skill Focus: Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Software, Industrial Design
  • People on demand:
    • Chemical engineers
    • Electrical engineers
    • Electronics engineers, except computer
    • Industrial engineers
    • Materials engineers
    • Mechanical engineers
    • Mechanical engineering technicians
    • Mechanical drafters
    • Software developers, applications
    • Commercial and industrial designers


  • Need: To manage specialized manufacturing processes including machine tool operations and assembly.
  • Knowledge / Skill Focus: Machine Design, Industrial Production Design
  • People on demand:
    • Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
    • Electromechanical equipment assemblers
    • Engine and other machine assemblers
    • Team assemblers
    • Computer-controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic
    • Machinists
    • Industrial production managers


  • Need: To repair electric vehicles, and install electric vehicle components
  • Knowledge / Skill Focus: Electrical System, Battery Systems
  • People on demand:
    • Mechanics
    • Technicians


  • Need: To setup and maintain charging stations, lay powerlines, and establishing grid connectivity
  • Knowledge / Skill Focus: Electrical power-line installation and maintenance
  • People on demand:
    • Powerline installers and repairers
    • Electricians
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