Is Electric Vehicle technology a turning point in automobile industry ?

In conversation with Ahad Hamza - Student of CADD Centre

Electric Vehicle is certainly the FUTURE of Automobile Industry.

- Says Ahad Hamza, Student at CADD Centre.

The reformation of the automobile industry is on its way to adopting electric vehicles as a future technology and CADD Centre is taking advantage of this transformation to educate and up skill the young automobile enthusiasts.

The institution is on a mission of empowering the young minds like Mr. Ahad Hamza, an automobile engineer from Chennai who is keen about learning this futuristic technology. He joined CADD Centre to pursue his interest in Electric Vehicle and gain knowledge regarding the various ideas of Electric Vehicles, what it is, and the way it works. In an attempt to find out more, Ahad was asked a few questions related to the helpfulness of the course and why should one enrol in it. Listed below are his answers.

What are your views about Electric Vehicle technology, and how does it influence the automobile industry?

"Electric Vehicle technology is indeed a turning point of the automobile industry, just like how IC engines were at a time, which are going out of date."

What is your experience on learning Electric Vehicle course at CADD Centre?

"My experience of learning about EV with CADD Centre has been positive. Till now I've learned about the basics, the modules and battery types. You don't need some sort of background in automobile design to enrol in this course, and this is one best thing about this course."

What specialization have you preferred in Elelctric Vehicle course?

"I am pursuing battery design specialization (EV Battery and Powertrain - Design and Simulation). As you all know the main source of power is the battery and that is something I would like to explore to increase its range with design and simulation."

Job Opportunities you are expecting after the EV Course?

"There are a plenty of job opportunities in the EV market and as the industry is expanding, the businesses are looking for talented applicants having knowledge about EV. So, I think the scope for job is quite broad."

Would you recommend CADD Centre?

"I will surely recommend CADD centre. It has been a positive experience till now and things are sailing smoothly. Anyone who is looking for joining an EV course should definitely come to CADD centre."

There is no doubt that Electric Vehicle technology has vividly transformed the automobile industry. All this makes it pretty clear that the industrial Impact of the EV is going to be a positive one, which eventually would create plenty of Job opportunities in the mere future.

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