Learn the Concepts of EV Design & Development

"Electric vehicle is offering immense potential & opportunities", Says Mr. Vivek Sahasrabuddhey

Time for Technology Disruption from ICE Vehicle to Electric vehicles: Mr. Ajay Ahuja

Panel discussion with Industry experts - Mr. Ajay Ahuja and Mr. Vivek Sahasrabuddhey

The BS6 initiative taken by the government is a progressive move towards the green environment, says Akash Philip (student at Loyola College).

The electric vehicle is the need of the hour keeping in mind the increased level of pollution caused by ICE vehicle, says Manikandan Murali (student at Loyola College)

"Learning Electric vehicle course will help you get job", Says Mr.Radhakrishnan(Faculty-CADD Centre)

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The Making of Electric Hover Board by CADD Centre Students with RJ Syed

Reliving my Passion for Automobiles with Electric Vehicles - Vivek

EV Course is opening new career prospects for automobile engineers - Ahad Hamza

Mr.S Ramaprasad (Director - CADD Centre) believes EVs will soon replace conventional vehicles.

EV is not just about Automobiles but is an amalgamation of all the technology domains - Seminar Participant

EV is the future of the Automobile Industry, and CADD Centre students are ready to embrace it - Avani Giri

Yogeshwaran (Seminar Participant) sharing his view on the future of automobile industry

CADD Centre revolutionizing the education and empowering the youth with its new EV course - Seminar Participant

Electric Vehicles Paving a new way of opportunities for students - Mr.Shinto Joseph (Director, LDRA)

"CADD Centre is dedicated to offering Futuristic training to students," says, Dr. Shiva

Vehicle Dynamics to change entirely with the advent of EV: Mr.Jayakumar (Apollo Tyres)

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Electric Vehicle is the New Technological paradigm shift in the auto industry - Mr.Sathya Seelan (Ashok Leyland)

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CADD Centre is an amazing place to get trained - Mr. Sharad Chandra (Unity Technologies)