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Free Webinar on Electric Vehicles Technology

The Automobile industry is witnessing a dramatic change with the advent of Electric Vehicles. Customer expectations, market economics, and government regulations have changed, and so is the demand for skilled workers. Today, industry demands new skills in automobile engineering that could resonate with paradigm shifts in the technical roles due to electrification of power trains.

This Webinar on ELECTRIC VEHICLES is a walkthrough to these changing demands and is an opportunity for engineers to look for better and brighter career.

Date: 31st Jan 2020 Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Webinar by Mr. P.K. Venkataramana will discuss on:

Webinar by
Mr. P.K. Venkataramana will discuss on:

  • Disruptions in the Automotive Industry
  • Technical and technology changes involved with electrification
  • Market demand and opportunities
  • Introduction to EV Technology & Operations
  • Q&A

Speaker’s Profile

Mr. P.K. Venkataramana is the Technical Head at the Industrial Institute of Designing (IID), a division of CADD Centre. Through 18 years of association with top automotive OEM across India as application engineer, trainer, and consultant he has gained all the expertise and experience about the transforming design industry. He is an active member of various groups involved in electrification of power trains and has authored many reference guides in the same domain. With more than 10000 hours of instructional experience and in skill development he is the right person to look up to for gaining insights about EV.

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