The automobile market has witnessed a significant transformation due to the technical advancement in the last decade. Keeping that in mind, the Indian government has a plan to bring up the sales of hybrid and electric vehicles to 6-7 million by 2020 under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP).

It is predicted that approximately 25% of Indian transportation is expected to turn Electric by 2030.

Job Opportunities in the field of Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles operate through batteries which are charged using renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, or microgrids.

Government is planning to run 6 - 7 MILLION EV'S BY 2020 and all this will require more efficient vehicles and more technical knowledge to produce these vehicles.

Loads of job opportunities are expected to be generated in auto manufacturing, advanced batteries creation and in research and in R&D of latest techniques involved in manufacturing EV.

Auto mission plan 2026

Government hopes to create more than 65 MILLION
sector in order to meet up the target to run 6-7 million EV on the road.

Some of the Job Designations under this sector are detailed below:

Battery Algorithms
Battery Management
System Engineers
Battery Safety

All in all, with the advent of EV's an entire new employment domain is blooming and automobile enthusiasts can readily get benefitted from the same.

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